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We are the oldest continuously operating African-American-owned investment bank that is redefining client success in capital markets. Discover our vision for the future of financial services and your place in it.

Over 30 Years of Experience Across Public and Private Markets


Blaylock Van is a black-owned investment firm. We work across public and private markets using proprietary technology to provide personalized corporate advice on debt and equity capital-raising strategies, municipal finance solutions, and more. In recent years, we’ve expanded our services to become one of the leading African-American wealth management firms and a truly diversified financial services partner.

We have a proud history of social responsibility and affecting positive change through sustainable finance solutions. Even though we’re a middle-market investment bank, we work at the bulge bracket level; delivering innovative financial services to Fortune 500 clients as well as mid-to-small cap firms.

Today, we stand as a symbol of trust and innovation, with a proud history among the top-tier minority-owned investment banks. Headquartered in New York City, we also have offices in Oakland, California, and Chicago, Illinois.

Our History

We can trace our legacy back to 1991, when Eric V. Standifer founded Robert Van Securities, a financial services company in Oakland, California. Just two years later, Ronald E. Blaylock established Blaylock & Co., an investment bank based in New York City. 

Over the years, the two became pioneering minority-owned investment banks. When the two joined forces in 2007, Blaylock Robert Van, LLC was created and went on to become a powerhouse firm that combines capital markets prowess with cutting-edge technology. 

In 2017, we rebranded to Blaylock Van but we’ve retained our reputation as reliable African-American stock brokers and strategic partners with our long-standing clients.

Our Journey

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