Corporate Strategic Advisory

Our team brings bulge-bracket experience to provide expertise on capital markets, sustainable financing, enterprise risk management, and tailor-made innovative solutions to US and International organizations. Some of noteworthy engagements include distinctive capital markets advisory, FX solutions for emerging markets, sustainable finance trends, and quantitative enterprise risk management. 

The strategic advisory unit offers much-needed support to our various U.S.-based clients looking to operate within Africa. The team is located internationally with professionals in New York, East Africa, and Europe.

To facilitate seamless cross-border support, the team is located internationally with professionals in New York City, East Africa, and Europe.

Committed to sustainable finance

As part of our Sustainable Finance practices, Blaylock Van’s services include:

Developing sustainable financing frameworks.

Providing up-to-date market color.

Implementing industry-specific best practices.

Evaluating the efficiency and efficacy using a range of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on sustainable issuances.

Establishing long-lasting relationships with beneficial partners (such as development organizations) for use of proceeds and eligible projects.

Insightful Strategy at Home and Abroad

Our Africa coverage efforts have allowed us to collaborate with our U.S. clients to solve treasury and financing issues across the whole of Africa.

Our extranational services are anchored by a team located within Africa, who are focused on leveraging our network of financial and advisory partners to offer intelligence, analytics, and product solutions to any treasury challenge our clients might face.

Finally, Blaylock Van also offers a comprehensive enterprise risk management framework. Using expert insights or historical correlations and volatility measures, we can propose effective solutions for topical treasury and financing issues (such as FX risk management) in countries that exhibit convertibility issues.

Blaylock Van’s Corporate Responsibility

Blaylock Van is the only minority bank on an Impact Disclosure Taskforce drafting voluntary guidance for entity-level disclosure and mechanisms to facilitate impact reporting, analysis and financing in pursuit of UN SDGs.

83% of consumers and 86% of employees believe that it’s important for the companies they support or work for to take social and environmental issues into account when making decisions. 

We acknowledge the importance of ESG (environmental and social governance) in the investing world and seek to apply these virtues to our activities. In particular, our Corporate Strategic Advisory services support sustainable finance options wherever possible.

Diversity and Inclusion

Blaylock Van is the oldest continuously operating African-American-owned investment bank in the United States. We’re immensely proud of our heritage, and we strive to create a diverse and inclusive space within the financial industry.

Today, Blaylock Van is 89% African-American owned. We hope to maintain this key element of our corporate identity going forward, and we’re grateful to our clients for supporting diversity by maintaining their relationships with us.

Your corporate strategic advisory team

Daisy Etemesi
Vice President
Priyanshu Deshraju
Krishna Thakkar
Nyagaka Ongeri
Executive Director
Kellie C. Ruto
Mark Mugo
Firdowsa Ali Omar


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