Municipal Finance

Since 2009, Blaylock Van has been a trusted investment bank within public finance offering banking, sales & trading, and underwriting services to states, local governments and public entities nationwide. Our experienced team supports our clients by briefing them of current market trends and conditions, updating them on best practices, introducing innovative and creative structures, and ensuring the necessary tools to meet any financing needs.

We have a committed municipal banking team that continues to grow in its origination and distribution capabilities. Keep reading to learn more about the financing, trading, and investing solutions we offer in the municipal market.

Discover our range of municipal finance capabilities

We offer a huge range of municipal finance capabilities, including:

Cash flow modelling

Debt structuring

Analysis of alternative refunding

Fund return maximization

Investment modelling

Sensitivity analysis

Cost/benefit analysis

Blaylock Van employs sophisticated proprietary models in addition to industry-standard software to ensure maximum flexibility and creativity in financing solutions for our clients.

Our financing tools can analyze our client’s current financial situation and identify optimal opportunities, while our expert team can help develop strategies to leverage that data as effectively as possible. Our goal is to create financing in the most flexible manner possible, while achieving the lowest cost to our issuers.

A leader among minority-owned investment banks

Blaylock Van has participated as sole, senior, co-senior or co-manager on over 573 municipal financings totaling over $219 billion since 2018. 



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Our team has a wealth of experience in this area, and the right resources to ensure success:

Our national sales network enables us to coordinate marketing resources effectively, which in turn allows our firm to access a huge number of institutional and retail investors looking for projects to fund.

Our presence in the Tier II and Tier III institutional market provides additional buyers to support our issuers’ pricing.


Our corporate and equity desks allow our sales team to utilize the firm’s existing relationships to access cross-over buyers.


If you need municipal finance services from a trusted and experienced firm, contact our team today.

Your municipal finance team

Leonard Jones
Executive Director
Gail Schaeffer
Senior VP
Patrick Kutch
Gurami Kiladze
Senior VP
Ronald Banaszek
Senior VP & Manager
David Girton
Senior VP
Hector Reyes-Erazo
Senior VP
Jonathan Ly
Senior VP
William Howarth
Senior VP
Fela Adewusi


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If you need municipal finance services from a trusted and experienced firm, contact our team today.