Sales & Trading

As a seasoned financial firm, Blaylock Van is committed to a Best Execution mandate. As such, our Sales and Trading team will always take the actions most likely to achieve your goals.

Our mandate also ensures:

Client Confidentiality

Rapid Trade Execution

Minimized Market Impact

Effective Liquidity Search

Efficient Clearing and Settlement

Using a combination of this client-first mindset, advanced trading software, and an experienced, hands-on approach, we have a history of building successful and long-standing relationships with our clients. We take the time to understand the specific needs of all our clients, and develop an investment strategy tailored to their respective companies.

Technology-led Equity Trading

Utilizing powerful equity trading technology, intelligent buy-side services, and advanced algorithmic trading solutions, Blaylock Van can provide clients with a wide range of trading strategies and guidance.

Our equity trading platform utilizes next-gen trading software and connectivity solutions provided by TRAFiX. The TRAFiX execution management trading system allows us to control and customize execution algorithms, while maintaining the confidentiality of our trading strategies.

Domestic and International Capacity

As an experienced, credible financial consulting firm in the domestic equity industry, we have access to a vast network of brokers and exchanges within New York and across the United States. Our clients have full access to the knowledge and capabilities of this network.

As well as extensive domestic operations, we also implement trading strategies through our network of local brokerage partnerships in all global markets. These include top stock brokerage firms in Europe, South Africa, and developed Asian markets.

Blaylock Van has also developed relationships with key international institutions (such as Societe Generale and HSBC) to give our clients 24-hour access to execution and settlement on every major exchange worldwide.

Taxable Fixed Income Investments

Our Fixed Income team is highly regarded for their opportunistic trading tactics. Combined with our principles of accountability and teamwork, these tactics help us to maximize added value for our clients.

Working with Blaylock Van, your enterprise can profit from special situations other firms may miss, such as:

We are committed to supporting a wide range of new issue and secondary fixed-income investment products, including multiple classes of both US Agency debt, corporate bonds, and preferred stocks.

Your sales & trading team

Timothy O’Brien
Executive VP – Fixed Income
Peter Richardson
Senior VP – Municipal
Kudzai Jones
Executive Director – Municipal
David Pichler
Executive Director – Corporate
Earl Manns
Senior VP – Equity
Joe Petraccaro
Senior VP – Emerging Markets
Mark Noble
Senior VP – Structured Products/MBS
Jason Carpenter
Senior VP – Municipal
William Hannan
Senior VP – Municipal
Jake Jacobson
Senior VP – Municipal
David Nixon
Senior VP – Corporate
Evan Beller
Senior VP – Equity
Andrew Lothian
Senior VP – Corporate


Capitalize and hedge against our breakdown of emerging market trends and the latest news at Blaylock Van, your trusted partner within global capital markets. We regularly publish new updates, so make sure to check back and stay ahead of your competitors.

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