Blaylock Van, LLC Increases Portfolio Diversity For Its Clients

January 1, 2021

A 36-year veteran of the financial services industry, Eric Van Standifer is founder and CEO of Blaylock Van, LLC (BV), one of the nation’s premier black wealth management firms. BV provides a diversified platform of financial services including global electronic equity and fixed-income sales and trading, quantitative and qualitative research, and a capital markets platform that services some of the largest corporations and governments worldwide.

Blaylock Van Showcases Excellence and Diversity

Eric Standifer had worked as a broker on Wall Street for a number of years when he decided to strike out on his own. When Standifer founded Robert Van Securities in 1991, he almost certainly was aware of the long odds a minority firm in the finance industry would face but saw an opportunity to do something special and took a leap of faith.

Mr. Standifer originally founded Robert Van Securities, BV’s predecessor, in 1991. Robert Van Securities was highly regarded for its technologically driven trading capabilities and, in 2007, the firm merged with Blaylock & Co., then one of Wall Street’s most successful minority-owned investment banks renowned for its capital markets franchise. The firm is now one of Wall Street’s largest minority- owned boutique investment banks and one of the most diversified.


Blaylock Van, LLC – 2023 Year End Review

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