Diversity And Inclusion Services For Investors & Government Agencies

January 1, 2021

Blaylock Van, LLC offers a wide variety of client-centered investment services such as Investment Banking, Sales & Trading, Municipal Finance, & more.

Blaylock Van Offers Diversity and Inclusion Services to Investors and Government Agencies

Blacklock Van LLC, the longest continuously operating Black-owned investment bank in the U.S., is offering its expert services to help companies, pension funds and investment managers in their inclusion of Black- and women-owned firms. CEO and president Eric Standifer is confident that they are well-positioned to help companies and government agencies impacted by the pandemic.

Blaylock Van, LLC

A leading investment management firm in New York City, with offices across the United States and strategic partners overseas, BV provides clients with personalized and technologically advanced investment options which are highly valued by our long standing clients.


1,000,000,000 Secondary Market Municipal Securities Traded